IMBOLC, is celebrated in early February.

FLAMING ARROW One of the many names honoring Brighid, beloved Celtic goddess and saint, to whom fire of hearth and blacksmith was sacred, Flaming Arrow is derived from an early Irish tale. It describes examples of divine favor bestowed upon her – and her subsequent sainthood. Brighid is responsible for clear thinking, telepathy, intuition and creative inspiration. As goddess and saint, she’s connected with fire and light – the fire of hearth and home, the return of the light in early spring, and the smith’s fire which melts base metals, allowing him to forge tools, cauldrons, weaponry, shields and ornaments. It is the golden glow of Brighid’s inspirational flame that illuminated the dark corridors of my creativity last winter, ending a prolonged artist’s block and resulting in this painting. I’ve included some of Brighid’s totems and other associations as well. Her feast day, Imbolc, is celebrated in early February.

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