Renew, Refresh, Renovate – A Year of Healthy Living.

Spring is a season of rapid change, awakening an urge for renewal, refreshment and renovation. Years ago, spring cleaning meant turning your home inside out, washing, cleaning and reorganizing everything in the house room by room. If that sounds too daunting, just choose a few key places to begin.

Storage spaces tend to become stagnant holding areas, so start there. To clear closets quickly, trade with a friend for help. Remove everything and wash or paint the space, changing shelving as needed. Sort each item into boxes labeled by category: keep, give, recycle, toss, not sure. After you put the keepers back in place, tuck the “not sure” box in the guest room or garage for a few weeks (or months) before making a final decision.

Now tackle areas you use daily and repeat the process room by room. Where the furniture looks fine but the room feels dingy, it’s a terrific time to paint. Before you replace furniture, let yourself breathe into the space of an empty room for a while. Put vital furnishings back first and play with the repositioning of each piece. You may discover that a room looks, feels and functions better when some furniture is left out.


Lemon Lift
This sparkling dressing gives a lift
to tossed greens, fruity salads, steamed vegetables, baked chicken
or grilled fish.
½ cup canola or rice oil
1 tablespoon sweet rice vinegar
½ organic lemon, juiced, rind grated
1 tablespoon minced fresh mint
1 teaspoon maple syrup (or to taste)
¼ teaspoon tamari or soy sauce
Combine all ingredients in a tightly sealed glass jar and shake well to emulsify. Makes about ⅔ cup.

This and many other great Tips and Recipes by Ann Lovejoy can to be found in our A Year of Healthy Living Wall Calendar.

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