Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom

Thought for the Month.
I listen to wisdom from my physical being. I quiet my mind, ask my body to speak to me and hear its messages. I understand why my body acts the way it does. I have compassion for its feelings, and I take action to lovingly support and nurture myself.

Notice the feelings in your body. Stay quiet and present as you tune in to any areas that feel relaxed, as well as those that are tense. Inhale deeply and imagine that your lungs are filled with healing light. As you exhale, direct your energy and breath toward any areas of tension.
Feel your muscles relax and ask them to tell you why they were tense.
Listen to your body compassionately. Reassure your physical self that it’s safe and protected, and consider any insights that you received from its messages.
Your body is very honest – it will always tell you the truth. Based on your discoveries, do you feel like making any changes in your plans? Do you want to ask for additional help from us, the angels?
Check in with yourself regularly. Hold silent conversations with any area of your body that’s asking for your attention. Listen to its messages and take steps according to its guidance. In this way, it won’t need to signal you through tension or pain, and will instead work with you harmoniously.

Doreen Virtue – Messages from your Angels

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