July 2011 – Vicissitudes – by Jason deCaires Taylor

Vicissitudes depicts 26 children of diverse ethnic backgrounds holding hands in a circle, representing unity and optimism. The piece took six months to make and weighs around fifteen tons.

Vicissitudes...ever changing art...by Jason deCaires Taylor

2011 Environmental Art wall calendar

As the sculptures are colonized by marine life, their human faces erode and become home to a colorful set of new inhabitants. The artist invites this process, allowing the sculptures to “engage with a vision of the
possibilities of a sustainable future, portraying human intervention as positive and affirmative.
“What I’m most interested in is the idea of change and process,” he explains. “It’s meant to mirror our lives. In the same way that children are meant to absorb their surroundings as they grow up, these under­water children will also be heavily influenced – they’ll take on the patina of their environment as they grow and change over time.”

2012 Environmental Art Wall Calendar


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