World Environment Day

Forty years ago today, the United Nations General Assembly convened the very first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. The following year, in 1973, the first World Environment day was celebrated. Every year since then, the conference has been hosted in a different city and addressed a different theme. This year, the them is is: Green Economy: Does it include you? (Hint: The answer is Yes!).

We at Amber Lotus proudly keep our Green flags flying. We print our calendars on recycled paper and FSC-certified paper. Also, we plant trees. We plant a lot of trees — over 200,000 since 2008. Trees, as you know, help to mitigate climate change by removing carbon from the atmosphere. This is a small contribution toward an enormous problem, but it is more than symbolic. It is meaningful action. We’ve planted enough trees to remove over 5000 tons of carbon from the atmosphere. We also add about 5000 tons of coolness to the atmosphere with our Green Patriot wall calendar, to inspire you in your own fight against climate change.

What will you do? Where do you fit in the Green Economy?

Green Patriot

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