Solstice Celebration with Song

I was recently introduced to this wonderful version of Lord of the Dance. One of my favorite songs and this is even more appropriate for the turning of the year.


ImageShe danced on the waters and the wind was her horn
The Lady laughed and everything was born
And she lit the sun and the light gave him birth
The Lord of the Dance first appeared on earth.

Dance, dance, wherever you may be
For I am the Lord of the Dance, said he
I live in you, and you live in me
And I lead you all in the dance, said he

I dance in the circle when the flames leap high
I dance in the fire and I never, ever die
I dance in the waves of the bright summer sea
For I am the Lord of the wave’s mystery

I sleep in the kernel and I dance in the rain
I dance in the wind and through the waving grain
When you cut me down I care naught for pain
Come Spring I’m the Lord of the Dance again

I dance at the Sabbat when you chant your spell
I dance and sing that everyone be well
When the dancing’s over do not think that I am gone
To live is to dance, so I dance on and on

The horn of the Lady cast its sound cross the plain
The birds took the notes and gave them back again
Till the sound of her music was a song in the sky
And to that song there is only one reply

The moon in her phases and the tides of the sea
The movement of the earth and the seasons that will be
Are the rhythm for the dancing and a promise through the years
That the Dance goes on through our joy and tears

They danced in the darkness and they danced in the night
They danced on the earth and everything was light
They danced out the darkness and they danced in the dawn
And the day of their dance is forever reborn

I gaze on the heavens and I gaze on the earth
And I feel the pain of dying and rebirth
I lift my head with praise for the day
Of the Dance of the Lord and the Lady gay.

Welcome Yule!

Lydia Hess

Art Director – Amber Lotus

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