Bonding with your dog should be a daily activity. Dogs bond with many people in their lives, so it’s never too late to form a relationship with a dog, even if you adopt a senior pet. What’s important is how you relate to your dog and what happens during the time you spend together one-on-one. Fear, pain and unpredictable actions reduce bonding, but confidence, calm, fun and regularity increase bonding.

Many activities you already do with your dog can be sources for bonding: feeding, walking, petting, and grooming. The more regular these activities are in your schedule, the more your dog will become a secure and trustworthy companion who trusts you too. Try to do at least one of the following activities with your dog every day:

The Healthy Dog Wall Calendar

  • Practice basic cues like sit, come, stay and lie down. Then move on to fun tricks.
  • Enroll in a dog obedience class. You’ll both learn to communicate better.
  • Practice fetching. Throw a ball and call your dog to bring it back. Repeat.
  • Take your dog for a car ride. If you have more than one dog, just take one on some trips. (Use a doggy seatbelt for safety!)
  • Try a game of hide and seek. Tell your dog to stay, go hide, and then tell her to come find you. Or hide a treat and help her find it.
  • Feed your dog her dinner by hand every so often.
  • Take your dog to the pet store to choose a new toy. (Be sure the store allows dogs.)
  • Take your dog to the park with a picnic. Share.
  • Tell your dog about your day.
  • Tell your dog how special she is.
  • Brush your dog every day. It feels good, and it will make her feel closer to you.

Excerpted from The 2013 Healthy Dog Wall Calendar — Text by Eve Adamson, Photography by Jamie Pflughoeft

Healthy Breeds by Amber Lotus Publishing – Text by Eve Adamson

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