Adopt a Pet Month

In Honor of Adopt a Pet Month we wanted to feature the story behind the kitties on the cover of The Healthy Cat calendar.

Healthy Cat Calendar

2015 Healthy Cat Calendar

We interviewed Susan Seubert, the cover photographer for The Healthy Cat calendar, about her adopted furry family.

Q AL – Where did these beautiful cats come from?
SS – These kitties were part of a litter of 3 that a stray cat gave birth to in a friend’s backyard. The momma cat and one kitten disappeared, leaving two tiny kittens behind. They had just opened their eyes when my friend found them.

Q AL – When did you get them?
SS – My friend posted photos of them on her Facebook page in hopes of finding a home for the two of them. We had just lost our cat of 17 years and had decided that we didn’t want to go through the pain of losing a pet again, so we were not looking to adopt any animals. I also travel so much for work, it seemed like poor judgement to adopt them. But we couldn’t help ourselves. 🙂

Susan Seubert Photography

Sugimoto (left) and Weegee the Famous (he has the white front legs).

Q AL – Why two?
SS – We really wanted the both of them because they were too cute to just pick one! Also, we had never had litter mates before. When we met them we discovered that one was really shy and the other really friendly, which would have made it difficult to find a home for the one that was shy. They also really love each other – they sleep together and it seemed the right thing to do to keep them together.

Q AL – Have they made a significant change in your life in any way?
SS – Yes!  They bring us endless joy. Every morning they want to play with their favorite toy, “Da Bird.” They sit next to the drawer where we keep it and meow loudly until someone brings it out. When I had heart surgery, they slept on my lap through my recovery. They chase each other around the house, filling the house with the sound of running which immediately makes me laugh. I love coming home to them after work or travel. They are so expressive! They love a good book and will sit on your lap on the bed and help you read. I’ve also enjoyed photographing them.  They are adorable, even full grown.

Susan Seubert Photography

Kittie models – preparing for a photo shoot.

Q AL – What special accommodations have you made in your home to make them safe and happy?
SS – That’s a great question! Because we live in an urban green space (forest), we have a lot of native birds and squirrels. We also have coyotes, which tend to prey on house cats around here. In order to give them some outside space — but keep the bird population safe and the coyotes away — my husband built an outdoor “room” made specifically for them. It is accessible any time of day through a small door that leads to a catwalk and into a large, caged-in room. It’s big enough for a small bench, which we’ve outfitted with cushions so we can have coffee and play with them outside. At night there are two solar lights, one of which is motion activated, so they can have some light at night if they wish. It’s fun to watch them turn on the light.

Susan Seubert Photography

Unexpected visitor to the Catio.

We just want to thank Susan for sharing her story and her wonderful photos of Sugimoto and Weegee the Famous. Susan also photographs chickens for our City Chickens and Their Coops wall calendar, visit Susan’s website to preview her travel work with National Geographic and other clients.

If you have a story or photo about your adopted pet you would like to share, please post it on our Facebook page. We want to celebrate your extended pet families this month.

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