Artist Spotlight — Wia Stegeman

Our 2015 calendars have arrived! It’s so wonderful to see boxes and boxes of the final pieces — amazing artwork from so many artists; inspiring text from wisdom teachers around the globe; and the realization of months of designing and planning. Honestly it feels like a gift each year to see the full collection.

2015 Environmental Art wall calendarIn the 2015 Environmental Art wall calendar we’re featuring work by Manolo Paz, Sylvain Meyer, Wia Stegeman, and others. In this post, we’d like to share a bit more about Wia Stegeman.

Wia lives in The Netherlands and has a BA of Visual Arts from Academy Minerva, Arts Academy of Visual Arts, in Groningen. She’s a muti-faceted artist who explores painting, performance, photography, and installations. She describes her work as being “about the hidden reality.”

“I make installations specific for a place, shoot in landscapes and paint to discover this hidden reality. The hidden reality has to do with the relationship with time and with individual and collective memories of a place. In installations I process this into a way of building: rhythmic arrangements, sequences of moments, a cinematic experience like in an old movie, the placement of the installation related to the rotation of the earth. The outdoor installations are made of materials in which the influence of the weather is visible. The changing daylight, the wind, the drifting clouds, the colors of the day and night give the temporary shape. The installations give a different experience of the area and the landscape. Because the installation changes at every moment in relation to the environment, the meaning of the work changes and it calls a desire for moments that never come back. In pictures I capture the elusive.”

A photograph of her installation Settlement will grace your wall for the month of August 2015. The “melted” igloos of Settlement have been made in an ancient place in Holland where traces have been found of the first nomads who lived in this place after the last ice age.

Settlement by Wia Stegeman

Photo by John Stoel

Visit her website to see more images of this installation and to view her other works.


Correction — In the 2015 Environmental Art wall calendar, Wia’s last name was misspelled. Wia Stegeman is the correct spelling. We work very hard to avoid these types of errors by fact-checking and proofreading each calendar and greeting card several times. We are sincerely sorry for this error.

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