Artist Spotlight — Elena Ray

We asked Elena to share her inspiration behind her gorgeous images and her love of yoga. ~ Amber Lotus

Yoga Meditations 2016 wall calendar

Images from the Yoga Meditations 2016 wall calendar featuring artwork by Elena Ray. Click image for more info.

The art of yoga is a beautiful philosophy of self-care and realization. I discovered the practice at the age of 40 and, like so many people, was mesmerized by the gorgeous postures. It was a natural step for me to begin photographing yogis. My work is rewarding: you just can’t find nicer people than those in the yoga community!

Ultimately I have learned that in all instances the practice is finely tailored to meet individual goals and health considerations. This idiosyncratic objective has resulted in a wide range of yoga styles. Yoga Meditations wall calendar seeks to explore all these different approaches and to find those nuggets of wisdom that can fuel your intention to breathe a little deeper and make it through that next warrior pose.

The intention of Yoga Meditations is to be a modern-day sutra enlightening the year with practical inspiration. “Sutra” is the Sanskrit word for “thread.” In ancient times, yogic wisdom was passed from teacher to student through recitation and memorization; later, it was written as sacred texts on palm leaves.

All the teachers quoted in Yoga Meditations have contributed, each in their own unique way, to the uprising knowledge and evolution of yoga. The mixed-media illustrations are an amalgam of ancient oriental art, digital photography, and abstract painting.

To this day, yoga continues to be a teacher-centric practice. Hatha yoga techniques are voluminous and ever evolving. The physical and psycho-energetic work must be approached in a safe and holistic manner if the practice is to be of benefit to the practitioner. Teachers set a foundation for the work and provide insight. It is these insights that have been collected in Yoga Meditations.


Elena RayElena Ray creates mixed-media art exploring psychological revelation, spiritual unfolding, healing, and energy. She focuses on the holistic arts and the people who practice them. Elena is a yoga student and desert soul. She works and lives in Joshua Tree, California, with her husband and their two cats. For more information, please visit her website.


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Yoga Meditations 2016 wall calendar

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