The Season of Autumn: The Element of Metal

We’re thrilled to introduce a new contributor to you this week! Feng Shui consultant Gwynne Warner shares her wealth of knowledge about mindfulness practices that help us embrace the change of season. ~ Amber Lotus

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Nature is once again turning and with it, our own internal energies.

Just as the trees are dropping their saffron and cinnabar colored leaves, we too can “drop” what blocks our life force-obstacles, heaviness, mindsets, habits, or relationships that no longer serve us.

Autumn is a yin season bringing a time of dwindling light, a mood of melancholy, self-reflection on the impermanent nature of our lives, and the beginning of inward contraction. Because the yang energies are weakening and the chi is now much more yin in nature, it’s the perfect time to slow down and gather your energies.

This season is governed by the Metal Element, a cold and contracting movement associated with creativity, communication, beauty, inspiration, and symbols. It’s associated with the emotion of grief and the virtue of selflessness.

When your personal Metal element is balanced, you speak up and take action for justice and ethics. You’re surrounded by benefactors and Helpful People. You have strong boundaries, keep agreements, things are orderly and organized and your projects are completed on time. When your Metal is balanced, you have the ability to change, let go, flow with change, and release what no longer serves.

When your personal Metal element is unbalanced, you can feel isolated, sad or full of regret. You’re busy for busy’s sake. You might feel a lack of creativity. Or you can be judgmental, self-righteous, emotionally cold, stingy, critical, or trying to “punish” others.

Lifestyle choices to support you in Autumn:

  • Put attention on organizing your finances, budgets, goals, and calendars.
  • A great time of year for getting things in order, focusing, finishing incomplete projects, sorting out your affairs and getting things done-but don’t overwork!
  • Get more sleep by going to bed earlier.
  • Practice deep breathing to support your lungs. See your acupuncturist and qi gong teacher to support your lungs and large intestines.
  • Eat warm, cooked foods.
  • Celebrate beauty and the arts-a wonderful time for enjoying theatre, ballet, art museums, live music etc.
  • Let go of what’s no longer needed (on all levels) such as old ideas, habits, beliefs and attachments.
  • Soak in warm mineral springs and drink mineral waters.
  • Perform acts of loving kindness for loved ones and strangers to cultivate the virtue of selflessness.
  • Make time for self-reflection.

    Gwynne WarnerGwynne Allyn Warner is the founder of 10,000 Blessings Feng Shui and practices Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui as a disciple of Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun. She was certified as an Advanced Feng Shui Consultant by Helen and James Jay of Feng Shui Designs. Gwynne began her studies in Buddhism in her early twenties while living in London where she became enamored with Kuan Yin and thereafter received her Bodhisattva Vows with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Her expertise has been treasured by creative small businesses, service professionals, performing artists, Chinese medicine practitioners, healers, and interior designers among others. For more information and to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website.

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