Farm to Table: Then and Now

Image from our Farm to Table 2016 wall calendar featuring recipes and tips from Ann Lovejoy. Click image for more info.

Image from our Farm to Table 2016 wall calendar featuring recipes and tips from Ann Lovejoy. Click image for more info.

From the Farm to Table 2016 wall calendar by Ann Lovejoy — A hundred years ago, more Americans lived on farms than in cities. Most food was locally grown, and seasonal foods were enjoyed fresh or not at all. As food-preserving methods improved, our fascination with convenience took us to dubious depths of overprocessing. After decades of fast food and speedy dining, Americans hungered for a new relationship with food. Today we have come full circle. Inspired by Italy’s Slow Food movement, we prize the local and the sustainable, the authentic and the handcrafted. What’s more, America’s changing demographics have enormously enriched our dining choices with international flair.

Today’s small farms specialize in specific crops or livestock and sell them both locally and worldwide through the Internet. Roadside farm stalls are flourishing once more, and farmers markets and better grocery stores now offer an impressive range of traditional and uncommon local foods. In almost every community, we can find handmade cheeses, sausages, and smoked fish as well as heritage fruit and organic poultry. We can drink milk and cream from pasture-fed cows, and for breakfast we can dine on rainbow-colored eggs from pastured hens. Artisan bakeries turn out fabulous breads and treats.

Real food is back, and it’s better than ever. Bon appétit!

Ann Lovejoy
With more than 20 books to her credit, award-winning author Ann Lovejoy is one of the country’s leading experts on sustainable garden design and techniques. A popular cooking and gardening columnist for numerous national and regional publications, Lovejoy is fully committed to sustainable agriculture and is active in many community projects. For more information, please visit her blog.

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2016 Calendars Featuring Recipes and Tips from Ann Lovejoy

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