Our Continuing Mission — 560,000 Trees Planted

60,000 Trees Planted

We strive to create products that illuminate the sacred dimensions of everyday life — mindfulness, healthy lifestyles, and earth awareness. Inspiring artwork woven together with words of wisdom can be an instrument for creating a calming space in our busy world, centering our thoughts during challenging times, or simply a way to express a personal aesthetic in any environment.

Embracing the concepts of Right Livelihood, we wish to reduce or offset the harm our publishing activities cause by partnering with Trees for the Future to replenish the resources used in crafting our products. In December of 2014, we reached the significant milestone of half a million trees planted since 2008. Our original commitment for 2015 was to plant an additional 30,000 trees, but by the end of the year we had doubled that number. We have now planted over 560,000 trees! The 60,000 trees planted in 2015 is more than 25 times greater than the estimated 2,000 trees used to produce our 2015 product line (which includes our 2016 calendars).

What began as a simple strategy to offset the number of trees used to produce our products has morphed into a fundamental component of our ongoing mission. As our president Lawson Day says, “We intend to continue planting as many trees as we can for as long as we can.”

Thank you for purchasing our calendars, greeting cards, and gifts. And for being a part of our mission.

We’re proud to be a carbon-negative independent publisher. Read more about our efforts and philosophy of Art, Commerce, and Service.

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About Amber Lotus Publishing

We publish calendars, weekly planners, and greeting cards that nurture your heart, renew your soul, and expand your mind. Sharing the diversity of world cultures and sacred traditions as well as the inspiration and beauty of the natural world is our passion. We focus on illuminating the sacred dimensions of everyday life — healthy living, mindfulness, creativity, and earth awareness. WE PLANT TREES to offset our carbon footprint — more than ONE MILLION and growing! Each year we plant over 20 times the number of trees used to create our products

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