Lunar New Year Approaches: New Year, New Luck + Energy!

See Believe greeting card by Duirwaigh Studios

See Believe greeting card by Duirwaigh Studios. Click image for more info.

Here are five practices to support you in welcoming brand new chi and luck for a brand new year (Lunar New Year, February 8, 2016). Enjoy!

1. This is a Taoist ritual for good luck. Write down your heartfelt dream or wish by hand 49 times for 49 consecutive days. You can then either burn it or tie it to a wishing balloon and send it to the heavens (just make sure to buy the bio-degradable latex kind and cut off the ribbon before you release).

2. Make a Good Fortune cake. Wrap an auspicious symbol such as a Feng Shui coin, gold ingot, ring or gemstone and place in a wee bit of tin foil. When the cake is half baked, place this packet into the batter. When the cake is shared by family and friends, whoever gets the lucky object will have a windfall of prosperity!

3. Smile all day long at everyone, even strangers! This gives others good chi and most times they’ll smile back which gives you good chi, too!

4. “100 Strokes Taoist Meditation.” Buy the best hairbrush you can find. As you brush your hair 100 strokes, allow your thoughts to drift along unknown paths. Think of energy gently flowing inside you overcoming any obstacles and blockages and your life flowing smoothly.

5. Give yourself fresh, new chi. New adventures, experiences, neighborhoods. New tastes and foods. New music on Pandora stations. New countries with foreign films from your Amazon Prime or Vudu. A new image for your computer screensaver. Refresh your hair style or color, scent or lipstick. And for one day, do everything upside down or backwards to REALLY adjust your chi!

Gwynne WarnerGwynne Allyn Warner is the founder of 10,000 Blessings Feng Shui and practices Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui as a disciple of Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun. She was certified as an Advanced Feng Shui Consultant by Helen and James Jay of Feng Shui Designs. Gwynne began her studies in Buddhism in her early twenties while living in London where she became enamored with Kuan Yin and thereafter received her Bodhisattva Vows with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Her expertise has been treasured by creative small businesses, service professionals, performing artists, Chinese medicine practitioners, healers, and interior designers among others. For more information and to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website.

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