Midweek Mindfulness with Joseph M. Marshall and Jim Yellowhawk — Feb. 17, 2016

Lakota Way 2016 wall calendar

Image by Jim Yellowhawk from our Lakota Way 2016 wall calendar. Click image for more info.

PEACE * To our ancestors and to many contemporary Lakota, the He Sapa, or Black Hills, are regarded as “the heart of all things.” Coincidentally, perhaps, when seen from far above, the outline of these beloved mountains resembles the shape of a human heart. Seen from closer to the ground, they are mystical and shadowy, inspiring outright awe and wonder – even loyalty – and for many of us a sense of connection to something larger than life. But to walk in the meadows and gaze at surrounding granite peaks – to smell the bright, fresh scent of ponderosa pine and feel a cool breeze – is to know the quiet gift from “the heart of all things”: peace. — Joseph M. Marshall

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