Celebrate Chrysanthemum Day

The ninth day in the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar, “Chong Yang Jie” is celebrated as the Double Ninth Festival and Chrysanthemum Day. Chong means “double” or “repeat” and yang means “bright, vital, active energy.” In 2017, it falls on October 28 in the Western calendar which is unusual and very cool!

Celebrating Chrysanthemum Day

Revered for its simple perfect beauty and medicinal properties, the gorgeous and highly regarded yellow or golden chrysanthemum (“chu” in ancient Chinese) is rich both in color and symbolism of long life and enduring luck, love and success. It’s also believed to ease the burdens of a difficult life when you wear an image of it or keep them displayed in your home. Some Feng Shui masters also believe it has the power to fight addictions.

Because it blooms out of autumn and right into the season of winter, it also symbolizes the mediation between Life and Death and Heaven and Earth. It’s also known to drive away evil spirits.

To celebrate the day you can…

  • Give chrysanthemums as auspicious gifts.
  • Offer chrysanthemums as noble altar offerings.
  • Drink chrysanthemum tea, known to clear toxins, or medicinal wine.
  • Eat the traditional flower gao (cake).
  • Place yellow golden chrysanthemums in your home or office today to immediately attract good luck.
  • Place 9 of them in the fame gua (back middle area of your space) of the first floor of your home, office and/or business, if you wish to receive rewards, success, fame, recognition, honor or bonuses.

Celebrating the Double Ninth Festival

With the presence of two number nines, the most yang number of all, today’s energies embody action, long-lasting change, transformation and completion. This is a very auspicious day for harnessing active and positive energies, as the yang qi is doubled!

This also makes it a fabulous day to perform a Feng Shui practice to manifest the wish of your heart using the power of nine…

  • Beginning today on this auspicious festival, write a prayer or wish for your happiness, health or prosperity 9 times in red ink and place it in an Asian-style red envelope. Write your same wish 9 times for 9 consecutive days reading your wish 9 times throughout the day, especially upon waking and before going to sleep. With clear intent and deep faith, visualize and feel your wish or prayer coming true. Imagine the nine steps that would transpire to see your wish actualized.
  • You can also activate the yang energies by wearing purple, yellow, gold and or orange colors today. In modern day China it’s also a day to honor and respect senior citizens as the word for “nine” is “jiu” which shares the same sound as the word for longevity, so show love to your own elders and well as strangers.
  • For great fun, you could also watch the over-the-top film “Curse of the Golden Flower” directed by Zhang Yimou starring Gong Li with literally thousands and thousands of chrysanthemum flowers in the setting and costumes.
  • Finally, traditionally it’s a wonderful day to hike in the mountains as it’s believed to represent “climbing to a higher position” as you symbolically increase your happiness, health and prosperity!

Gwynne WarnerGwynne Allyn Warner is the founder of 10,000 Blessings Feng Shui and practices Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui as a disciple of Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun. She was certified as an Advanced Feng Shui Consultant by Helen and James Jay of Feng Shui Designs. Gwynne began her studies in Buddhism in her early twenties while living in London where she became enamored with Kuan Yin and thereafter received her Bodhisattva Vows with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Her expertise has been treasured by creative small businesses, service professionals, performing artists, Chinese medicine practitioners, healers, and interior designers among others. For more information and to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website.

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