New Coloring Book from Amber Lotus Publishing — Create Magic: A Coloring Book by Katie Daisy

Katie Daisy coloring book for adults

Photo by Maggie Jane Cech

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We’re delighted to introduce our newest coloring book by Katie Daisy. Spark childlike wonder as you color your way through a journey of wildflowers, butterflies, birds, hot-air balloons, and other visual delights from beloved illustrator Katie Daisy. With each illustration she revels in the joy of everyday life and her love of nature invites you along to color, be present, have an open heart, and see the magic in the world. Quotes in Katie’s signature lettering style are sprinkled throughout, ready for you to apply your own color palette so they can spring to life.

Katie invites you to share in the adventure:

So much of my artwork is inspired by my childhood summers living among the wildflowers, fireflies, and birds of the Midwest. These warm days were spent swimming in the creek, gazing at puffy white clouds, and plucking four-leaf clovers from the grass. There’s a type of wonder and magic that exists through the eyes of a child. I believe that we can still experience this wonder and create magic, even in our adult lives. I try to make it a priority to notice simple beauty and live in awe of my surroundings every day. We live such fast-paced lives that it’s absolutely essential to take daily moments of gratitude and savoring. Stop for a moment to admire the gorgeous scenery around you. Feel the breeze on your skin. Take a nap in the grass. Sleep with your windows open. I invite you to slip into a daydream as you color.

It is my greatest hope that this coloring book will help you notice all the beauty that surrounds you. I encourage you to use color intuitively. Allow yourself to be free. Use this time of coloring to escape from any stress and anxiety and become centered again. Creating has been so healing for me, and I know it can be for you too. I’m so happy we can collaborate in this way.

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