New Coloring Book from Amber Lotus Publishing — Myth & Magic: An Enchanted Fantasy Coloring Book by Kinuko Y. Craft

Kinuko Y. Craft coloring book

Photo by Robbie McClaran

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We’re absolutely in love with this new coloring book. Immerse yourself in the enchanted fantasy world of Kinuko Y. Craft, celebrated contemporary illustrator, painter, and storyteller. Transcend time and space as you color to life these 40 lavish illustrations of goddesses, angels, fairies, princesses, heroes, and mythological creatures. Craft’s vast body of work includes award-winning illustrated books of classic fairy tales and cover art for fantasy novels.

Kinuko invites you to share the journey:

Painting is my language, my poetry, my therapy, my meditation, my passion – it’s everything. It is me. It is who I am. When I look at paintings created by the masters of the Italian Renaissance, I am filled with the presence of the artist – as if the artist’s energy is still there, somehow captured in the pigment. The color and light dazzle and enchant me, propelling me to another time and place with a feeling of eternity.

When I was invited to create a coloring book of line drawings, I was excited to share my work yet felt the challenge of working without my beloved paint – the dazzling full spectrum of color and pure pigments. I long to experience the tactile, sensual energy of direct contact between my hand, the paint, and the surface. I want to convey all the emotion of each illustration to its fullest expression. How would I achieve that without paint?

Yet after creating the first few sketches, I delighted in the idea that you and I will craft a masterpiece together. So, please, lose yourself in the stories of mythic beings, heroines, fairy princesses, and enchanted landscapes as you imbue each illustration with jewel-like tones or subtle hues to make it your own. My line compositions are an invitation for you to fall in love with color.

Artists don’t create as a gift to others: they create for themselves because it fulfills some inner need. So listen to your inner voice and tell your own versions of these stories. My wish is that you will embrace your coloring journey and ignite your passion for color.

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