90,000 More Trees Planted — 650,000 and Growing

90,000 trees planted

In our dedication to embrace the concepts of Right Livelihood and mindful living, Amber Lotus Publishing partners with Trees for the Future to replenish the resources used in crafting our products. Through this valuable partnership, we planted an additional 90,000 trees in 2016. This brings our total to 650,000 trees planted since 2008.

What began as a simple strategy to offset the number of trees used to produce our products has morphed into a fundamental component of our ongoing mission. As our president Lawson Day says, “We intend to continue planting as many trees as we can for as long as we can.”

Thank you for purchasing our calendars, greeting cards, and gifts. And for being a part of our mission.

Amber Lotus Publishing is proud to be a carbon-negative independent publisher. Read more about our efforts and philosophy of Art, Commerce, and Service.

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