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Emily’s Birthday Favorite!

Happy Birthday to Emily – Amber Lotus Publishing – Operations / Marketing gal

We ask each of our staff to pick a favorite Amber Lotus item to feature on our blog for their birthday. Here is Emily’s choice.

Why is Zen Cat one of my favorite calendars?
The easy answer is that here is my Zen Cat …


… and here is my desk at Amber Lotus.

I wish I had an elegant and complex motivation to write about, but I love Nicholas
Kirsten-Honshin’s artwork because he captures the essence of cats.  And, cats are wonderful!  I do, also, appreciate his peaceful meditations on interconnectedness.
But when I look at this calendar, my first reaction is simple joy.Emily_cat-3

I’m looking forward to the 2014 Zen Cat calendar.

Zen Cat Wall & Mini calendars

Zen Cat 2014 wall calendar

Zen Cat 2014 wall calendar

Zen Cat 2014 mini calendar

Zen Cat 2014 mini calendar

Oh, look at that face on the mini version — love it!
– Emily McNulty Scripter

Call for Coops! Extended…

In support of urban farmers and locavore choices, we are excited about this new title. Submit your coop for the 2014 Calendar.

If you or someone you know has an innovative coop design in the Portland Metro area you would like featured in our 2014 Wall calendar, email images to

Seeking 12 innovative, creative coops
for our 2014 City Chickens and their Coops wall calendar.

This is your opportunity to strut your stuff – and your chickens’ – and help Portland’s own Growing Gardens organization at the same time. Be one of 12 featured coops in this beautifully photographed treasure of unique coops and their feathered inhabitants.

Submit 3 to 6 digital snapshots (500MB or smaller) of your backyard bird sanctuary to Amber Lotus at
by Wednesday, June 27, 2012. Finalists will be notified July 5.

Accepted Entries will:
• Enjoy a professional photography shoot of their coop and hens
• Be featured in the calendar
• Receive a print quality portrait of their coop for personal use
• Be awarded with six copies of the 12” x 12” calendar featuring their coop

Featured coop owners agree to:
• Be available for a two-hour professional photo shoot in late July or early August
• Provide a clean, fresh coop on the day of the shoot
• Provide a short statement about their coop and hens

Healthy Cat tip of the month.

Find the Food:
A cat’s food bowl won’t run away like a mouse might, but what if it kept changing location? Cats Love a good game of hide and seek. Move the food bowl to different places, first in the same room, and then, once he gets the hang of the game, in different rooms or floors of the house. Put some challenge back in your cat’s mealtime.

The Healthy Cat Calendar – NEW for 2012 from Amber Lotus Publishing with Eve Adamson’s healthy tips each month.

Eat on the Wild Side