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Equinox: Global Balance

Wanderlust 2017 calendar featuring photos by Chris Burkard

Image from our Wanderlust 2017 wall calendar featuring adventure photographs by Chris Burkard. Click image for more info.

I grew up in the southern hemisphere, in Australia, but I’ve lived in the northern hemisphere for the better part of the past 20 years. You’d think that would be enough time to have gotten used to the seasons being opposite, but the truth is it still strikes me as a curious novelty.

Firstly, there’s the fact that I grew up with a summer birthday (February), which was always celebrated with some sort of outdoor activity. Now that my birthday is in the dead of winter, well, it’s just not the same. Continue reading

Writing by Hand: Nourishes the Soul and the Brain

Our Kwan Yin journal featuring artwork by Duirwaigh Studios

Our Kwan Yin journal features artwork by Duirwaigh Studios

Last week we shared a couple of posts on our Facebook page about the benefits of writing by hand. WOW. We were surprised by the number of views. Something really resonated with our friends.

Human beings have long known and cherished the power of writing by hand to nurture the soul. Poets, scholars, authors, and educators the world over have historically shared their wisdom through writing. Many writers use journaling to capture ideas, dreams, sorrows, joys, and more. In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron extolls the effectiveness and inspiration of “morning pages” —  hand writing 3 pages each morning — in removing creative blocks. The list of examples could go on. Continue reading

Holi — Festival of Colors


Flowers 2015 wall calendar by Christopher Gruver

My favorite holiday I’ve never celebrated is Holi, which is celebrated in India on the full moon of Phalguna (March 6 in 2015). It’s a spring festival during which people splash each other with colored, scented water or throw colored dyes at each other. It’s a rowdy time when the genders can mingle, and so can people of different social classes. A popular Holi drink is milk, flavored with spices, and also sometimes infused with hashish. Continue reading

Oh So Many Choices! — Staff Selections for 2015

Every new year it’s a fun challenge to select the calendars that we hang in our spaces here at Amber Lotus and in our homes. We’re fortunate to be working with so many incredibly talented contributors—artists, photographers, and authors. But it does make it hard to choose. Here are some of our selections for 2015:

Aleta — I always choose the Rumi: Heart of the Beloved wall calendar, with translations by Coleman Barks. His translations of Rumi are always inspirational, and I particularly love the Persian art.

Dianne — For home I selected the Meditation calendar for its lush, intense images. On each day that I have taken time to go for a walk or to meditate, I place a little gold foil sticker (Remember those from elementary school? They still make me smile.). I love celebrating these simple acts of self-care. I feel gratitude for each little star. For the office, I selected Hafiz. The text is extraordinary and I love the intricately layered artwork of Silas Toball.

Ethan — Hanging at my office desk is the Gardens of the Spirit wall calendar. The calming photographs of Japanese gardens provide a nice sanctuary for my eyes when the computer screen has strained them. At home I have the Bicycle Bliss calendar reminding me to get outside and enjoy a rambling ride without a destination.

Lawson — As an avid Tai Chi Chuan player, I enjoy the Tai Chi Spirit calendar as a reminder of my practice while sitting in the office. At home, The Lakota Way calendar provides a unique philosophical perspective that I enjoy exploring.

  FH15-0C-b  EA15-0C-b  RAW15-0C-b
Leslie — I have four places where I put up wall calendars. Two are for functional use (at home on the fridge and by my desk at the office). The other two are purely for visual pleasure: an artistic statement as a part of my home and office decor. Needless to say, it is really, really hard to choose which four out of all 70 that we publish. Knowing that they are all my favorite children (teehee), here are some that have graced my walls in the past: Gig Posters for the awesomely groovy graphics; Zen Mind for the sophisticated Zenga brush art; Meditation for the lovely images and calming, meditative quotes; The Organic Kitchen Garden because I am a foodie; and The Power of Now for the gorgeous nature photos and make-you-think-deep-thoughts quotes. This year it will be: Earth Is My Witness, Faerie Houses, Environmental Art, and Simply Raw.

Lydia — This year I have The Garden Sanctuary calendar in my kitchen. I love the garden structures and meditative spaces. They’re calming and inspirational at the same time. Gardening is my second love, right after creating spectacular calendars. Also at home, my daughters chose Day of the Dead: Sugar Skulls which was a close second for me too.

Michelle Meditation at home, because who couldn’t use some mindfulness. Eight near my desk at the office. I love all of our calendars! And I’m especially fond of bright colors.

Neil — I’m a fan of the Green Patriot and Posters for Peace & Justice calendars. There is a great assortment of artists in both calendars and the artwork is engaging. I’m an activist at heart (currently posing as a bookkeeping stickler).

Susan — I absolutely love the Women of Myth & Magic wall calendar because Ms. Craft’s illustrations are incomparable and inspiring. Her paintings have a depth and richness that touch something in me and reminds me to look closer. I feel like I have a priceless painting on my wall next to my desk — a painting that changes every month!

  ZM15-0C-b  PC15-0C-b
Tim — You know me, one calendar is not enough! We have the Meditation calendar up in our kitchen at home. Michelle chose that one, and a great choice it is. The image for January is a Buddhist statue of a Dakini (a female messenger of wisdom) making an offering. The image is paired with the Rumi quote: “What you seek, is seeking you.” That’s a powerful combination. At work I have to say I have 25 calendars up in my work area. I love them all, but I have a special affection for Zen Mind and Pema Chödrön. The combination of text and images there does everything I want our calendars to do.

Our creative and development teams are currently working on our 2016 calendar line, which will include 7 brand-new titles along with many of your returning favorites. Look for our new title announcements in the coming months.

Coconut-Lavender Panna Cotta by Maggie Oster


Lavender in raised border © Photos Lamontagne / Getty Images

With Fall in the air, we seem to be nesting more — wearing comfy, warm clothes and spending hours in the kitchen. So we’re exploring recipes and ways we can enjoy the harvest. And maybe entertaining our sweet tooth just a bit, too.

From the Herb Gardens 2015 wall calendar by Maggie Oster
Coconut-Lavender Panna Cotta
Providing a sense of calm and balance, the fresh, sweet aroma of lavender has been beloved for centuries. Used for its beauty, singular scent, and medicinal properties, lavender continues to be a favorite. The use of flowers and leaves of lavender in cooking is growing in popularity. With a flavor that melds floral, piney, and camphor, fresh or dried lavender flowers are most often added to desserts, but they sometimes find their way into savory dishes. Lavandula angustifolia, with its sweet, mild flavor, is the best choice for cooking. Of the dozens of true lavender varieties, Hidcote and Munstead are the most widely available, hardiest, and easiest to grow. Harvest lavender midmorning on a dry day when almost all the buds are open. Tie stems in bundles and hang upside down in a dry, dark place. When dry, gently strip the flowers from the stem. If buying, be sure the flowers are for culinary purposes. Quickly and easily made, panna cotta is a sweet and creamy pudding that is among the most versatile of desserts and readily flavored in innumerable ways. Continue reading

A Rainbow of Greens

basket of greens

Basket of cabbage, kale, and Romanesco broccoli. Photograph © Reinhard / Mauritius / SuperStock.

From The Organic Kitchen Garden 2015 wall calendar by Ann Lovejoy — Crisp, crunchy, and flavorful, cool-season greens have been winter staples for centuries. With the protection of cold frames or plastic tunnels, kale, chard, and cabbage can be harvested all winter, even in the snow. For variety and good looks, plant rainbow chard or Bright Lights Swiss chard, both of which produce vividly colorful stems in shades of raspberry, coral, peach, and salmon. The crinkled foliage holds up well into the cooler months and can be sautéed, steamed, or stir-fried.

Continue reading

Review — Day of the Dead: Sugar Skulls 2015 Wall Calendar

Day of the Dead 2015 wall calendarOur skull art loving friend, Anna at Skullspiration, posted a review of our 2015 wall calendar: Continue reading

Artist Spotlight — Wia Stegeman

Our 2015 calendars have arrived! It’s so wonderful to see boxes and boxes of the final pieces — amazing artwork from so many artists; inspiring text from wisdom teachers around the globe; and the realization of months of designing and planning. Honestly it feels like a gift each year to see the full collection.

2015 Environmental Art wall calendarIn the 2015 Environmental Art wall calendar we’re featuring work by Manolo Paz, Sylvain Meyer, Wia Stegeman, and others. In this post, we’d like to share a bit more about Wia Stegeman.

Wia lives in The Netherlands and has a BA of Visual Arts from Academy Minerva, Arts Academy of Visual Arts, in Groningen. She’s a muti-faceted artist who explores painting, performance, photography, and installations. She describes her work as being “about the hidden reality.” Continue reading