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New Coloring Book from Amber Lotus Publishing — Wishes & Wings and Wondrous Things — A Menagerie of Friends: Butterflies, Bunnies, Birds, and More by Cori Dantini

Wishes and Wings coloring book

Free coloring sample pageDownload a sample page from Wishes & Wings and Wondrous Things — A Menagerie of Friends: Butterflies, Bunnies, Birds, and More by Cori Dantini and share your work with us on Facebook or Instagram!

Join in the fun with a cast of lovely ladies, happy hedgehogs, and frolicking woodland creatures illustrated by Cori Dantini. Spend time coloring whimsical landscapes where you can plant wishes and dreams that bloom to life with your rainbow of colors.

Cori invites you to share the journey:

One of my favorite things growing up was opening a BIG brand-new box of crayons — all perfectly sharp and smiling back at me. Fast-forward many years, and I have a similar joyful feeling when I see a sharp colored pencil. I imagine if you are reading this, it means you might feel the same when you think about coloring, and that opening your special box and seeing a smiling rainbow of color makes you happy, too.

After the thrilling moment of seeing that array and then selecting an image to bring to life, I like to think about the colors I’ll use before I start applying them to the page. I’ll often select three or four complementary or contrasting hues and shades to create a colorway so that the image feels connected and balanced. I also like to create a path or rhythm for the eye to follow using pops of color that bring attention to big or little details on the page.

But first and foremost, I like to have fun! This is art, and the most important thing is to enjoy yourself. Even after 25 years of making art, I still remind myself over and over again, “This is mine, and it gets to be and look however I want.” My hope is that you take these coloring pages and make them your own. Experiment! And have fun!

— Cori Dantini

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