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Celebrate Chrysanthemum Day

The ninth day in the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar, “Chong Yang Jie” is celebrated as the Double Ninth Festival and Chrysanthemum Day. Chong means “double” or “repeat” and yang means “bright, vital, active energy.” In 2017, it falls on October 28 in the Western calendar which is unusual and very cool!

Celebrating Chrysanthemum Day

Revered for its simple perfect beauty and medicinal properties, the gorgeous and highly regarded yellow or golden chrysanthemum (“chu” in ancient Chinese) is rich both in color and symbolism of long life and enduring luck, love and success. It’s also believed to ease the burdens of a difficult life when you wear an image of it or keep them displayed in your home. Some Feng Shui masters also believe it has the power to fight addictions. Continue reading

Using Orange in Feng Shui Adjustments + Ceremonies

Photo by April Killingsworth

Photo by April Killingsworth

There’s nothing quite like the fresh, sweet and sparkling energy of an orange! As you peel, inhale and eat the fruit, you can literally feel the sheng chi (bright, auspicious and uplifting yang energy) harmonizing your energy and mood. You just feel HAPPY!

In Cantonese, the word for orange is kum which is also a homonym for “gold.” Oranges, as well as mandarins and kumquats, symbolize gold and abundance in Feng Shui and during the Chinese New Year, you’ll find an abundance of these in decor (such as placing red envelopes on kumquat trees), gift giving and ceremonies (such as rolling a cascade of oranges, coins and gold ingots through the front door). Continue reading

Kuan Yin’s Feast Day

Kuan Yin journal featuring the beautiful artwork of Duirwaigh Studios. Click image for more info.

Kuan Yin journal featuring the beautiful artwork of Duirwaigh Studios. Click image for more info.

The 19th day of the 6th lunar month is one of the feast days for Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. This holiday, which falls on Wednesday, July 12 in 2017, celebrates her vow to renounce going to live in heaven and instead remain in this world as long as there are living beings who suffer here.

Here are some simple ways to honor the day:

Great Compassion Water
Grandmaster Lin Yun taught us to take a cup of drinking water and chant “Om Mani Padme Hum,” one of the mantras of compassion, 9 or 108 times over the water. Drink nine mouthfuls first thing in the morning and another nine mouthfuls before going to bed while visualizing that any negative energy, bad luck or illness is eliminated. Continue reading

The Philosophy of Esho Funi

Love and Light greeting card from our Illuminating Spirit card series. Click image for more info.

Love and Light greeting card from our Illuminating Spirit card series. Click image for more info.

There is a Japanese and Buddhist philosophy called Esho Funi which translates into “oneness of life and environment.” The belief is that the quality of your life is intertwined with the quality of your environment. If you pour intentional love and energy into your physical spaces, then your personal energy will be uplifted. If you lift up your physical, emotional and spiritual energies, you bless your spaces. If you bless your spaces, they bless you back.

It also implies that there’s no separation between our environments and ourselves. ‘Tis a sister to Feng Shui! And, by the way, our shining spaces lift up the energies of the entire world and all living beings. Continue reading

Lunar New Year Approaches: New Year, New Luck + Energy!

See Believe greeting card by Duirwaigh Studios

See Believe greeting card by Duirwaigh Studios. Click image for more info.

Here are five practices to support you in welcoming brand new chi and luck for a brand new year (Lunar New Year, February 8, 2016). Enjoy!

1. This is a Taoist ritual for good luck. Write down your heartfelt dream or wish by hand 49 times for 49 consecutive days. You can then either burn it or tie it to a wishing balloon and send it to the heavens (just make sure to buy the bio-degradable latex kind and cut off the ribbon before you release).

2. Make a Good Fortune cake. Wrap an auspicious symbol such as a Feng Shui coin, gold ingot, ring or gemstone and place in a wee bit of tin foil. When the cake is half baked, place this packet into the batter. When the cake is shared by family and friends, whoever gets the lucky object will have a windfall of prosperity! Continue reading

The Season of Winter: The Element of Water

Gardens of the Spirit 2016 wall calendar

Image from our Gardens of the Spirit 2016 wall calendar. Photo by John Landers. Click image for more.

“Fortune and blessing gather where there is stillness.” —Chuang-Tzu

Winter is the season of going inward, reflection and deep rest. This is the time to conserve energy, restore our essence, and gather strength and vitality.

The seasonal Chinese element is water, the color is black or dark blue, and the related organs are the kidneys and bladder.

In Feng Shui, we use both Still and Moving Water to activate cash flow, business, career, social connections, clarity or peace of mind. Continue reading

The Season of Autumn: The Element of Metal

We’re thrilled to introduce a new contributor to you this week! Feng Shui consultant Gwynne Warner shares her wealth of knowledge about mindfulness practices that help us embrace the change of season. ~ Amber Lotus

Present Moment 2016 wall calendar

Image from our Present Moment 2016 wall calendar published in partnership with our friends at Sound True. Click image for more info.

Nature is once again turning and with it, our own internal energies.

Just as the trees are dropping their saffron and cinnabar colored leaves, we too can “drop” what blocks our life force-obstacles, heaviness, mindsets, habits, or relationships that no longer serve us.

Autumn is a yin season bringing a time of dwindling light, a mood of melancholy, self-reflection on the impermanent nature of our lives, and the beginning of inward contraction. Because the yang energies are weakening and the chi is now much more yin in nature, it’s the perfect time to slow down and gather your energies. Continue reading