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New Coloring Book from Amber Lotus Publishing — Wishes & Wings and Wondrous Things — A Menagerie of Friends: Butterflies, Bunnies, Birds, and More by Cori Dantini

Wishes and Wings coloring book

Free coloring sample pageDownload a sample page from Wishes & Wings and Wondrous Things — A Menagerie of Friends: Butterflies, Bunnies, Birds, and More by Cori Dantini and share your work with us on Facebook or Instagram!

Join in the fun with a cast of lovely ladies, happy hedgehogs, and frolicking woodland creatures illustrated by Cori Dantini. Spend time coloring whimsical landscapes where you can plant wishes and dreams that bloom to life with your rainbow of colors. Continue reading

New Coloring Book from Amber Lotus Publishing — Celtic Myth and Symbol: A Coloring Book of Celtic Art and Mandalas by Jen Delyth

Celtic Myth and Symbol coloring book

Sample coloring pageDownload a sample page from Celtic Myth and Symbol: A Coloring Book of Celtic Art and Mandalas by Jen Delyth and share your work with us on Facebook or Instagram!

Experience a personal connection with ancient Celtic mythology and symbolism as you weave color through intricate paths of knotwork, spiral patterns, and mandalas. These powerful symbols encourage us to go within as we meditate on their meanings.

Jen invites you to share the journey:

Celtic art is an intricate, enigmatic language that embraces interpretation. Limitless in creative variation, the ancient spiraling and intertwining patterns and symbols reflect the beat of the earth and the beauty, power, and spirit of nature. Energy flows from the center and unfurls in an infinite dance of possibility. Like the eternal knots, the great circle of life has no beginning and no end; seeds grow to be saplings and tall trees, which then return to the earth.

This art form is a living tradition. I immerse myself in crafting original designs and paintings, searching for simplicity, balance, and meaning within the ancient forms and stories and creating new designs that speak to us today. I grew up in Wales, an ancient land with an artistic culture spiraling back from the Celts to the first people. I find inspiration in my journey as an artist in the sacred patterns of my ancestors, where all is seemingly in motion, yet held in perfect balance.

It is the mysterious and spontaneous exploration of color that brings me the most delight. The Celtic scribes made their own paints by mixing egg white with organic pigments from plants and the earth. Touches of finely ground rare gemstones or of precious gold leaf added brilliance to their intricate illuminated vellum manuscripts. I mix creamy egg yolk with many of the same natural pigments the ancient Celts used. We are fortunate today to have a seductive array of different colors, paints, inks, pens, and pencils to channel our creativity as we bring beauty and personal expression to our art.

I invite you to share in this creative journey — to discover the joy of personal expression with the sensual and often enchanting process of bringing these designs to life with color. I believe that as we connect more deeply with the ancient Celtic language of spirals, knotwork, mandalas, symbols, and patterns, we can experience the gentle meditative focus that often comes with following the twists and turns — to the center and out again — of these mystical patterns.

— Jen Delyth Continue reading

New Coloring Book from Amber Lotus Publishing — Desert Dreams: Coloring a Land of Enchantment by Geninne D Zlatkis

Desert Dreams coloring book

Free sample coloring pageDownload a sample page from Desert Dreams: Coloring a Land of Enchantment by Geninne D Zlatkis and share your work with us on Facebook!

It just arrived in our office! Wooohoooooo! We’re absolutely thrilled with this new coloring book. Embark on a desert adventure with illustrator Geninne D Zlatkis. Crafted as a love letter to the desert, Zlatkis’s collection of charming illustrations feature some of her favorite crafty creatures and natural treasures — all found in her desert home. Her passion for this magnificent and wild place will inspire you to explore your own color palette and bring the illustrations to vivid life. Continue reading

7 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Coloring Party — Everyone Loves to Color!


Remember the days when everyone gathered around the table for a board game or a jigsaw puzzle during the holidays? Well, I have a fun cooperative alternative to offer for this season: hosting a coloring party. This is a wonderful, low-stress way of gathering with friends or family for some shared creative expression.

As the author/illustrator of 5 coloring books and the Magical Garden coloring calendar, I have hosted a number of these events in my community and beyond: in libraries, bookstores, brew pubs, and in-home gatherings. I am here to tell you that everyone comes away from this experience with a sense of joyful accomplishment and the gift of connecting with one another through this shared creative experience.

If you’re looking for a way to unplug, connect with multiple generations, and share creatively with any number of folks, you will find this event to be a door to community building and to stimulating positive family interactions.


Coloring books
You will want to supply individual books for everyone in the group. You can pick up good-quality coloring books for around $10 to $15. You might want to focus your books on a theme for the gathering. My books focus on the spiritual seeker genre. But there are so many options to choose from: fantasy, fairies, botanical, mandalas, humor, or even religious-themed titles such as Hebrew Illuminations or Celtic Art. It’s also a nice takeaway for guests, as the joy can be sustained through home practice as well.

If supplying books isn’t in the budget, you can find low-cost or free downloadable coloring pages online. Remember, you will still want to purchase a package of high-end, heavyweight paper on which to print your pages. I recommend Classic Crest, 80 lb. text, acid-free, from Neenah Paper, as well as a good inkjet printer.

There are so many types of pencils available it may be hard to choose in the beginning. I recommend a medium-quality oil-based pencil; my personal favorite is offered through Dick Blick Art Materials, their store-brand pencils. These are made in a 200-year-old factory in the Czech Republic – they know how to make a good pencil. As an alternative, Prismacolor, Marco, and Faber Castell are also good brands. They offer both wax- and oil-based pencils.

I generally like to offer a set of 24 for every 2 people. If you’re hosting a gathering for 6 or more, you might consider investing in a larger set of 72 or 96. This will offer more variety of colors for the colorists.

Again, like pencils, there are a number of options. The most important question to consider is: Is it a water-based or alcohol-based marker? The water-based ones will not bleed through the pages as strongly. I prefer Tombow markers, but they are not inexpensive. I’ve also gone to a discount store and picked up inexpensive alternatives. I do like a brush tip when available. Continue reading

New Coloring Book from Amber Lotus Publishing — Create Magic: A Coloring Book by Katie Daisy

Katie Daisy coloring book for adults

Photo by Maggie Jane Cech

create-magic-sampleDownload a sample page from Create Magic: A Coloring Book by Katie Daisy and share your work with us on Facebook!

We’re delighted to introduce our newest coloring book by Katie Daisy. Spark childlike wonder as you color your way through a journey of wildflowers, butterflies, birds, hot-air balloons, and other visual delights from beloved illustrator Katie Daisy. With each illustration she revels in the joy of everyday life and her love of nature invites you along to color, be present, have an open heart, and see the magic in the world. Quotes in Katie’s signature lettering style are sprinkled throughout, ready for you to apply your own color palette so they can spring to life. Continue reading