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Happy Holi — Festival of Colors

Holi celebration image

Holi is a colorful and boisterous Hindu spring festival celebrated on March 10 in 2020. It is also known as the Festival of Colors. This is a time of shedding inhibitions: people smear each other with red and yellow powder and shower each other with colored water shot from bamboo blowpipes or water pistols. Restrictions of caste, sex, age, and personal differences are ignored. Continue reading

The Great Navaratri

Lakshmi greeting card

Lakshmi greeting card featuring artwork by Pieter Weltevrede. Click image for more info.

Navaratri means “nine nights” in Sanskrit and is the name for five Hindu festivals celebrated at different times of the year. But the one celebrated at the start of the autumn, the start of the bright fortnight (waxing moon) of the lunar month Ashwin (October 13 this year), is the most important and is frequently called the Great Navaratri.

During these nine nights, nine aspects of a goddess are honored, but which goddess depends on the traditions in the region. For instance, in some places, various aspects of Durga (or Kali) are honored during the first three days; then three aspects of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth; followed by three days devoted to Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom. Continue reading