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Artist Spotlight — Tony Stromberg: Spirit Horses

Spirit Horses 2016 wall calendar

Images by Tony Stromberg from our Spirit Horses 2016 wall calendar. Click for more info.

For more than two decades, Tony Stromberg made his mark as a successful advertising photographer. However, a quiet but gnawing voice eventually drew Stromberg out of his commercial roots and deep into the soul of the West. What he had gained in reputation he felt he was losing in quality of life. Just before the turn of the millennium, he began his pilgrimage away from the frenetic world of advertising and into a world possessing a respect for nature and the land. Since then, he has spent much of his time learning the nuances of his most beloved equine companions in their natural environment. “The spirit of the horse,” says Stromberg, “is a magnificent teacher to humanity.”

In both their physical and archetypal forms, horses help bring us back to something wild and unrestrained, reminding us of a sense of freedom many of us have forgotten. They teach us about honesty and authenticity, because they know no other way of being. They teach us about collaboration over dominance. And they teach us to respect and honor the unknown as opposed to fearing it and trying to destroy it. Continue reading