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Britain’s Lost Days — Adopting the Gregorian Calendar

Sacred Celtic Sites 2016 wall calendar

Image from our Sacred Celtic Sites 2016 wall calendar. Photograph © Helen Hotson / Alamy. Click image to see more.

September 3, 1752, was a day that never happened in the British Empire. September 4 didn’t happen. Nor did September 5, 6, or 7. In fact, that year the British went straight from September 2 to September 14, skipping over 11 whole days.

The reason was the Calendar Act of 1750, which sought to bring the British Empire in sync with most of the rest of Europe by gradually adopting the Gregorian calendar to replace the Julian calendar. In order to align themselves with the majority of their neighbors, the British began 1751 on the usual day in the Julian calendar — March 25 ­— and then ended it early on December 31 so that 1752 could begin the following day. Continue reading