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Ghost Moon and Hungry Ghosts

A New Earth 2016 wall calendar

A New Earth 2016 wall calendar features quotes from Eckart Tolle’s #1 New York Times best-selling book. Karangetang (Api Siau) volcano erupting, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. © Jurgen Freund / npl / Minden Pictures.

The full moon of the seventh lunar month is known as the Ghost Moon by Buddhists and Taoists in China and other Asian countries. This year, it falls on Saturday, August 29. It is the time when the doors between the afterworld and this world are open and the souls of the departed return to earth to spend time with their loved ones.

People make paper representations of food, clothing, cars, and televisions, and burn them to provide the souls with the items they might need in the afterlife. Families gather for a feast and set aside a plate and an empty chair for each family member who has died. Continue reading