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Midweek Mindfulness with Michael J. Green: The Emergence — January 24, 2018

Celtic Blessings 2018 wall calendar

Image from our Celtic Blessings 2018 wall calendar featuring artwork by Michael J. Green. Click for more info.

The Emergence

Beneath the chaos and disorder of these days of purification, something is drawing ever closer, even as in the darkest of night the first glimmers of light announce the dawn. Pay heed and attend, for it is a birthing, a becoming, a returning. It is what the ancient people called The Emergence. Continue reading

Midweek Mindfulness with Michael J. Green: Flowing — June 8, 2016

Image by Michael J. Green from our Celtic Blessings 2016 wall calendar. Click image for more info.

Image by Michael J. Green from our Celtic Blessings 2016 wall calendar. Click image for more info.


Within every human breast shine two mystic hearts, one woven subtly within the other. One points downward and so loves and attends the graces of the world, and in obtaining them is led into happiness and song, but in losing them is led to grief and lamentation.

The other heart is a secret heart. Its form is grace, and it gazes with unbroken rapture upward into the Great Mystery of the soul’s desire. There, in the domain of neither gaining nor losing, all things are perceived truly and there is face-to-face seeing into the deepest nature of things.

And so it is in the communion of these two hearts that the fullness of Being presents itself, like coming upon a light in thick darkness, like receiving a treasure in poverty.

In this fashion we make a mysterious whole. Existence is delivered from its limitations, spirit flowing out of body, body flowing out of form.

And Blessed Be.

— Michael J. Green

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Spring Pilgrimage: A Personal Quest


Hearts on Fire greeting card by Michael J. Green

In The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer writes that the month of April is the time when folks long to go on pilgrimages, because Nature makes them restless, stirring up a desire to go to strange places and see strange things. Perhaps you too are feeling this calling, a desire to go beyond the edges of your familiar world.

There are many ways to go on a pilgrimage. The most obvious, and perhaps the most delightful, is to visit a sacred site, either far away or in your neighborhood. If you’re not aware of any sacred sites in your neighborhood, make inquiries or let your intuition guide you. Look for places that you feel attracted to when you think of being outdoors in a reflective state or a celebratory mood. Continue reading