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Rosh Hashanah

Hebrew Illuminations 2016 wall calendar

Image from the Hebrew Illuminations 2016 wall calendar featuring artwork by Adam Rhine. Click image to see more.

I love that there are so many New Years in the year and especially when the New Year lines up with what feels like a new beginning for me: the autumn season and the start of the school year. In the Jewish calendar, the New Year is called Rosh Hashanah and begins with the new moon of the seventh month, which usually falls in September. This year, Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown the evening of September 13. Continue reading

Artist Spotlight — Adam Rhine

Hebrew Illuminations 2016 wall calendar

Images from the Hebrew Illuminations 2016 wall calendar. Click image to see more.

Adam Rhine has been creating ornate, highly detailed Judaic watercolor paintings since 1999. His style is heavily influenced by medieval illuminated manuscripts, and he combines that inspiration with modern palettes and aesthetics.

Born in Chicago in 1970, Rhine was an incessant doodler and cartoonist. At age eleven, he decided to pursue art. He graduated with a BFA in commercial illustration from Northern Illinois University at age 22, and a jury awarded him the opportunity for a one-man show of abstract paintings during his senior year. He married Karen, a classmate and fellow illustrator, soon after graduation.

In his professional life, he has animated educational videos, coordinated the 2-D/3-D animation department for a video game company, and executed web design and e-learning development for major corporations.

Rhine has been interviewed by the Hallmark Channel and the Chicago Tribune to discuss his artwork and inspirations. His designs have also been featured on the covers of the Texas Jewish Post, Kashrus Magazine, Chadashot Magazine, and Jewish Exponent.

More than 30 of Rhine’s beautifully illustrated ketubot (Jewish wedding contracts) are featured at www.ketubah.com, the largest manufacturer of personalized artistic ketubot in North America.

Rhine’s hardcover art book, Hebrew Illuminations, is a collection of all 22 Hebrew illuminated letters as well as 22 of his most well-known Magen David paintings. It also includes art from his sketchbook and text descriptions of the meaning behind each design. His artwork illustrates the covers and chapters in the three-book educational series Celebrating the Jewish Year by Paul Steinberg. Continue reading