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Spring Equinox: Balance Point

Celtic Blessings 2016 wall calendar

Image from our Celtic Blessings 2016 wall calendar featuring artwork by Michael J. Green. Click image for more info.

The equinoxes are the balance points of the year, the two moments in the circle when we have roughly equal amounts of light and dark, night and day. Both holidays feature a feast of seasonal foods, perhaps not surprising when you consider that the plants are responding to the changes in light, just as we are.

The Spring Equinox feast is celebrated under many names: Passover, Easter, St. Joseph’s Day, and Naw-Ruz. But whatever its name, it typically features the first bitter greens of spring, a newly born lamb (perhaps), fresh eggs, and items made from the fresh butter and cream available as cows, goats, and sheep produce milk for their young. Continue reading