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Staff Selections for 2016 — Inspiration in the New Year

As the new year approaches, it’s always a thrill to see all of the new calendars in racks here in the office as well as in stores around town. We work closely with our contributing artists, photographers, and authors to craft calendars that we hope will support mindful living. The art and text in each calendar allows people to express their individual tastes, use it as touchstone for goals during the year, or add a bit of flair to personal spaces. Even though we always have a hard time choosing, sometimes a calendar or five (looking at you Tim 😀) will ignite a spark. Here are some of our staff selections for 2016:

Pollen Seeds Fruit 2016 wall calendar Healthy Dog 2016 wall calendar
— My favorite this year is a new title: Pollen Seeds Fruit. Rob Kesseler‘s microscopic photography of minuscule pollen grains is weird and breathtakingly beautiful. Kesseler makes artistic color choices, and his results seem almost alien. Plus, science!

My perennial favorite is Healthy Dog. I’m in love with the border collie on the cover this year, and Jamie Pfleughoeft has a real gift for catching the personalities of her furry subjects. Plus, puppies!

Animal Tales 2016 wall calendar Yoga Meditations 2016 wall calendar
— Animal Tales makes me happy. I love looking at the photo composite work of Sarolta Bán. It has so much symbolism and depth of meaning that it feels like layer upon layer of a possible fairy tale. And all of the dog images are of rescues from shelters around the world that found forever homes as a result of her Help Dogs with Images project.

Yoga Meditations also features photo composite images (must be a theme for me this year) by Elena Ray. I’m inspired by the vibrant colors, the textures that remind me of textiles, and the quotes from yogis, as well as the asanas, that inspire my own yoga practice.

Pollen Seeds Fruit 2016 wall calendar
— My favorite calendar this year is Pollen Seeds Fruit because it puts in focus the intricate beauty of the natural world.

For the Love of Frida 2016 wall calendar Fairy Houses 2016 wall calendar Women of Myth & Magic 2016 wall calendar A New Earth 2016 wall calendar
— It is always difficult to choose a favorite… but this year I have to say I’m very taken by For the Love of Frida. It’s not artwork by Frida Kahlo, but instead artwork and inspirational text inspired by her. Frida was my hero when I was young, and still is. Angi Sullins writes great text to go with each painting; her words inspire you to grab a hold of life — just like Frida did.

Other titles that charm me are the adorable wee Faerie Houses of Sally J. Smith; Woman of Myth & Magic with fantastic illustrations by Kinuko Craft — the details are extraordinary; and an old favorite, A New Earth, which is always on my fridge.

Shepard Fairey 2016 wall calendar Land Art 2016 wall calendar
— I have a strong preference for our new Shepard Fairy: Graphic Activist 2016 wall calendar. The extraordinary graphic design is the immediate draw, but the messages of peace and environmental activism convey the true spirit of this calendar.

My second favorite is the Land Art calendar. The natural sculptures of Dietmar Voorwold are superb — meditative and calming. His work inspires me to create my own beach sculptures and stone creations.

Art of Magic 2016 wall calendar Pollen Seeds Fruit 2016 wall calendar
— My favorite calendar this year is Art of Magic, which features vintage magic act posters. It’s beautiful. I also love Pollen Seeds Fruit.

My Tibet 2016 wall calendar
— I am digging the My Tibet calendar for 2016. The photographs are stunning and the text is insightful. I really like that a portion of the sale of each My Tibet calendar goes to the International Campaign for Tibet.

Wanderlust 2016 wall calendar Art of Magic 2016 wall calendar Sacred Images of Tibet 2016 wall calendar Pema Chodron 2016 wall calendar Zen Mind 2016 wall calendar

Wanderlust: I love to walk, and subscribe to the mantra of ‘Solvitur Ambulando’ — solve it by walking. A calendar dedicated to lovers of walking seems perfect to me.

Art of Magic: These posters from the golden era of stage magic remind me of the blurred lines between the material world and the world of the imagination.

Sacred Images of Tibet: This is the first calendar to feature sacred Tibetan thangka art painted by Sanje Elliot, a living contemporary master of the tradition who also happens to live in my hometown of Portland, Oregon.

Pema Chödrön: This combination of incredible images and immediately useful text reminds me of everything I love the most about what we do at Amber Lotus.

Zen Mind: The Zenga art masterworks paired with impeccable text by Suzuki Roshi are a daily source of inspiration. This calendar is always one of my favorites.

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