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Artist Spotlight — Sue Zipkin

Be Here Now 2016 wall calendar featuring timeless quotes from Ram Dass and Sue's artwork.

Be Here Now 2016 wall calendar featuring timeless quotes from Ram Dass with Sue’s colorful artwork. Click image to see more.

We had the pleasure of having an Q&A with illustrator Sue Zipkin. She is new to our family of contributors sharing her delightful artwork for our Ram Dass series of greeting cards and the Be Here Now 2016 wall calendar. ~ Amber Lotus

How would you define your signature style?
Playful. Colorful. Sophisticated. Whimsical.

What other designers, music, and books inspire you?
William Morris is one of my faves, along with Gustav Klimt and Designers Guild. I love children’s book illustrations. I’m inspired by my contemporary artist friends and colleagues, too numerous to name. I love handcrafted styles; elegant, intricate patterns; Bohemian-flavored fabric; Indian and Persian motifs; bright colors; and patterns found in nature. I don’t read many books because of my dyslexia, but I enjoy listening to podcasts online while I work. Continue reading

Weaver Woman Festival

Women of Myth & Magic 2016 wall calendar

Image from the Women of Myth & Magic 2016 wall calendar featuring artwork by Kinuko Y. Craft. Click image to see more.

The seventh day of the seventh moon (August 20 this year) is the day in China for celebrating the love story of the weaver maid and the cowherd. The legend tells of two lovers — Zhinu, the weaver maid, represented by the bright star Vega, and Niulang, the cowherd, represented by the star Altair — who are separated by the Silver River (the Milky Way), but on this one day of the year a bridge of magpies allows them to cross the river and spend time together. Continue reading

Feast of the Transfiguration

Celtic Blessings 2016 wall calendar

Image from the Celtic Blessings 2016 wall calendar featuring artwork by Michael Green. Click image to see more.

I love the Feast of the Transfiguration, and if you have been following my holiday blog for a while, you probably realize it’s because I love these obscure festivals that are not well known. It celebrates the moment when Christ appeared to his disciples, shining like the sun, and God’s voice was heard saying, “This is my son, in whom I am well pleased.” Continue reading

Exploring Nature Through Art

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we tend to hibernate during the winter months. My neighbors and I joke around about not seeing each other for months. In mid-March we suddenly start to converge on the street for spontaneous, tiny block parties to catch up and celebrate spring. (We also joke around about our coffee and beer consumption during winters in Portland, but that’s another blog post for another time.)

Spring is such a magical time with plants unfurling and blooming in vivid colors and divine shapes. The pale landscape starts to light up with color and dance with texture. It’s no surprise that so many artists are inspired and deeply connected to nature. Two of our calendar titles, Environmental Art and Land Art, show an extraordinary array of styles with nature and natural elements playing the central role.

EA15-06-blogThree Portals
Spencer Byles, forest materials, France, 2012
Featured in the Environmental Art 2015 wall calendar:

Environmental art takes many forms. It can be a thought-provoking presentation of nature in an urban landscape or an illumination of beauty that draws our awareness to our earthly surroundings. It can also be sublimely emotional, as with “Three Portals,” created by Spencer Byles. Approaching the portals, looking through to the path beyond, evokes a primal mystery. The forest bears witness to a rite of passage that can symbolize whatever you wish. The surroundings are as much a part of a work of environmental art as what the artist contributes. Byles says, “When working in forests or mountains or by a river with natural materials, I might leave the work for a period of weeks or months to allow nature to weave its way back onto, around, and through the materials before I return to complete it. The sculptures look more grounded in their environment once this action takes place.” Continue reading

A Farm to Table Thanksgiving

We want to offer our thanks and gratitude to all our loyal friends, fans and family. This holiday feast season we offer an excerpt from our Farm to Table calendar by Ann Lovejoy. As well as a family heirloom from our Art director, Lydia Hess — her grandmother’s Corn Bread Dressing Recipe.

Farm to Table 2014 wall calendar

Farm to Table 2014 wall calendar

Continue reading